Structural Violence, Health Disparities and the Coronavirus in the US

  • How is the coronavirus impacting black and Hispanic Americans?

  • Why does the coronavirus impact communities differently?

  • How can we create a more equal society?

We will explore the questions through some videos, reading and discussions. 

  • Warm Up

  • Background Information

  • Video: "COVID-19 Sacrifice Zones: Coronavirus Devastates Black Communities Historically Denied Healthcare" Video

  • Reading and Study Guide: "How racism and poverty made Detroit a new coronavirus hot spot and Study Guide" 

  •  Final Reflection

Mapping Disparities

Excerpt from The Indypendent

The city has begun releasing statistics on race and COVID-19 infections after calls from advocates to do so. They show that black and Latino New Yorkers are disproportionately testing positive for the disease and are dying at double the rate of other racial groups

In response to the racial disparities, the scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor recently changed the adage “When white America catches a cold, black America gets pneumonia” to “When white America catches novel coronavirus, black Americans die.”

In attempting to explain these disparities, Surgeon General Jerome Adams urged African Americans to “stop drinking, smoking or doing drugs to protect those who are most vulnerable.”  


The hardest stricken areas of New York tell a different story: pre-vulnerabilities to the virus are directly connected to a history of environmental racism and economic inequality.  

Case Study
Researching and Writing