Case Study:

US Peace Negotiations with the Taliban

"Nearly 18 years ago, the United States declared war on the Taliban, promising to drive it from power in Afghanistan. Here’s a look at why American officials are now offering peace to the same group." New York Times


  • Why did the US go to war with Afghanistan?

  • Who is the Taliban?

  • Why is the US now making a peace deal with the Taliban?


We will explore these questions through a reading, video, podcast and class discussion.

  • Warm Up

  • Video: "How Many Wars Equals the One in Afghanistan?" 

  • Background Reading: "Need a Refresher on the War in Afghanistan: Here are the Basics" and Study Guide

  • Emaze Presentation

  • Compare and Contrast

  • Podcast: "Making a Deal with the Taliban"

If you’re younger than 18, the United States has been at war in Afghanistan for your entire life.


  • What do you know about this war?

  • How often do you hear or read about?

  • What have you heard about it recently?

  • What do you know about US-Taliban peace negotiations?

Compare and Contrast


Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 1.47.45 PM.png

Inside Story: Is peace finally possible in Afghanistan?