HL Case Studies: Security

ISIS Wives and Children

  • How should the wives of imprisoned ISIS wives and children be dealt with? 

  • Should foreign wives and children be repatriated back to their home countries?

  • What danger or security threat do they pose?


We will explore these questions through some videos, readings, discussion and a role play. 

Conflict in Yemen

  • What is happening in Yemen?

  • Who is involved in the conflict?

  • What are the repercussions?

  • What security threat does it pose? 


We will explore these questions through some videos, readings, discussion and a role play.

US Peace Negotiations with the Taliban

"Nearly 18 years ago, the United States declared war on the Taliban, promising to drive it from power in Afghanistan.  Here's a look at American officials are now offering peace to the same group." New York Times


  • Why did the US go to war with Afghanistan?

  • Who is the Taliban?

  • Why is the US now making a peace deal with the Taliban?

  • What is the state of the negotiations?


We will explore these questions through a reading, video, podcast and class discussion.

#NeverAgain and the Parkland Students

  • ​What is the #NeverAgain movement?

  • What do its leaders and members wants? 

  • What motivates them? What are they doing to achieve it?

  • What impact are these actions having? Why?

We will explore these questions through some readings, videos and discussions.

Gun Violence in the US

 Over 30,000 people die every year from gun violence. in the US. 60% of these deaths are from suicide.  

  • How does gun violence in the US compare with the rest of the world?

  • What can be done to prevent gun violence and massacres in the US?

  • What type of gun policies would create the most safety and security for Americans?

These are the questions we will explore in this case study. 

Retributive vs Restorative Justice in the US

  • What is the difference between retributive and restorative justice? 

  • To what extent does retributive justice in the US reduce crime and keep people safe? 

  • To what extent does restorative justice bring about safety and security? 


Through some videos, investigations, and readings, we will explore these questions.

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